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    For the safest process of exporting and importing of your goods Export Portal has you covered. Buyers and sellers all over the world find each other to perform secure and easy trading deals.

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    Export Portal

    We spent years to develop a reliable and secure process of worldwide trading to guarantee you a safe exporting and importing. Now you can expand your market globally with Export Portal, whether you are a buyer or a seller, a successful commercial company or an entrepreneur. Our team is here to lead you through the entire process helping you achieve better results in sales.

    Export Portal is a member of EXIMA association

    Export Portal is proud to be a member of and supporting partner for the fastest growing association in the field EXIMA.

    Great Site

    Listing through Export Portal has been a dream come true. I always wanted to start selling outside of the US but I was scared of the risk. I was pleasantly surprised that I received an order overnight and am thrilled to introduce my product to the global marketplace. Such a simple process I wish this service was available years ago!



    • Are there any restrictions on who can register?

      No. Any business that has the desire to buy or sell a product in a safe and secure global marketplace can register to be a buyer or seller with Export Portal. Anyone can register as a buyer.

    • What does it cost to register with Export Portal?

      It is absolutely free to register with Export Portal and this will give you access to most of the benefits. To become a Verified Seller, however, there is a monthly membership fee.

    • If I wanted to buy something, how can I do this?

      All you have to do is choose the product that you would like to purchase and click on the "Order Now" button. You then choose the destination Country (where you want it delivered) and then wait for your customized purchase instructions. As simple as choose and click!


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